Current Frustration

A new operational model for AstraZenica

on how to develop digital products for their brands and regions

AstraZenica’s digital demand intake is fragmented and one dimensional. This means missed opportunities to develop, re-use and measure their products. Plus, a lack of quality, control and accountability, which results in duplication of work and wasted time and effort.

Their go-to-market proposition is too complicated. There are too many digital initiatives for the different pharmaceutical brands. There are too many unique regulations in the different regions the brands lives. On top of this they work in silos.

Current Frustration

So we created Flight Deck

a journey to connect all their work and create continuity

We created a one consistent journey showing how AstraZenica can develop all of the digital projects. In the new journey everything follows the same procedure of quality control and knowledge-sharing.

The new journey starts by engaging with the brands, followed by a qualification process and defining a project scope.


The first step in the Flight Deck process is is all about identifying the business and/or customer challenge right up to the point which the articulated request is ready to be qualified.


The second step in the Flight Deck process needs to be both efficient and accurate. This is where Astrazeneca decides if a products or service is worth getting developed.


Once the Supplier Lead has enough information about the request, they create the Project Brief describing the proposed solution and the project plan. The Project Plan includes details on the methodologies, costings, resourcing plans and an indicative start date.

Following procedures building up for launch will optimise the products and reduce risk of failinge

Project Execution

After approval of the final brief the assigned project teams begin executing against a detailed project plan and ensuring alignment to all necessary standards. .

Product Delivery

After approval from the functional leads that the project can be handed over to Delivery, the Build and Test phases begin.


Once the product is ready to be launched, the Marketing phase begins.

The project is not done when launched, you always have to learn, measure and improve.


In order to benefit from key learnings its crucial to implement an effective Measurement Plan for each product.

Next Step

It is also important for PMO to capture case studies that can be shared with the wider GCE community. This will promote best practice and encourage use of the Flight Deck.

Success is a mindset shift in the organisation

Current Frustration


AstraZeneca global, industry-wide and media acknowledgement of projects delivered and how they are raising the bar for AZ and its customers

Digital Opportunities


Lean and cross-functional team with extraordinary outputs as result of re-use, partnerships, sharing best practices and upscaling the organisation

Digital Opportunities


Centrally managed and governed to ensure compliance, strategic alignment and operational feasibility, visibility of progress and adherence to design and quality standard

A process is not enough

you need enablers to provide assistance to the process

So we have created different enablers that will assist the process in the best way possible.

Digital Opportunities

GDS&I Offerings Library - Engadge

Overview of AstraZeneca iternal inovation offerings , including breakdown of different services, methodologies, guidelines and KPIs provided.

Digital Opportunities

Digital Opportunities

Best Practice Catalogue - Qualify

which is a summary of internal global case studies which have addressed key business challenges.

Digital Opportunities

Digital Opportunities

Qualification Criteria - Qualify

Criteria used by Flight Deck to qualify whether request should be supported, and if so, by which offering.

Digital Opportunities

Brief Template - Scope

Key information required to understand the scope of the project and how it will address the business challenge, including the value proposition. Provides an understanding of my project from both a delivery and a methodology perspective.

Digital Opportunities

Q-Gate Checklist - Scope

Checklist used at two quality gates to ensure adherence to Compliance, Regulatory and Marketing standards. Provides reassurance regarding the stakeholders involved.

Digital Opportunities

Design & Development Standards - Project Excution

Overview of UX, design, research and development principles and methodologies which should be achieved through projects.

Digital Opportunities

Digital Opportunities

Live Dashboard - Measure

Visual and interactiverepresentation of overall status for Flight Deck projects. Where they will masure every project in detail which will lead to a more holistic view of their project ecosystem. So they can make accurate recommendations for next steps.

Digital Opportunities

Digital Opportunities

Since verything eventually connects, we believe it’s better for Astrazeneca to be in control of all the dots, rather than let them connect randomly as time pass.

Thanks for reading 😀