A new operational model for AstraZeneca, for the development of digital products. Service design lead at Fjord, view project

West Midlands Police

Developing the West Midlands Police digital experience for citizens. Service Design Lead at Fjord. Service Design Awards 2018 - Public Sector.view project


Creating a modern betting website with a unique entertainment experience for Tabcorp Services Designer for Fjord, view project

Below is a selection of articles I have written.

How to fix the real problem of the App Store, by making app content searchable, read article

lifeBeyondPleasue A visual collection from the last 5 years. visit website

Work bellow is done during my studies - a small personal trip into my memory lane

Uranium Supplies the moment you realise that two earthly features can be presented as extraterrestrial is the moment when you conceive the sense of innovation


Testing the boundaries of perspectives, one visible in the photograph and second presenting the vanishing point. Photos by Jason Koxvold


BA (Hons) dissertation, "The application of cognitive psychology to user-interface design" view dissertation


The magazine by definition is a container for content. The standard format for future magazines will be determined by its ability to provide access to this content. As long as this condition is being fulfilled, quality content will look is best / Collaboration with Konstantinos Kanellopoulos

Voice-over by Polina Joffee
Music: "Dayvan Cowboy", by Boards Of Canada


Kollective journal an experiment on aesthetics and readability implemented both on print and web